It hasn’t been a particularly inspirational week in the kitchen for us – in fact I’ve been using up the freezer stash and haven’t cooked much at all, so I’m going to write about an old favourite… Quesadillas. Or Easydillas as we call them.

Not a new recipe I hear you cry. Nope. And not rocket science either. Just a useful, super-easy lunch or supper where anything goes. Even things the boys don’t like. In fact, especially things the boys don’t like.

Today we’re having tuna, cheese and courgette. There’s no recipe per-se, you just take a couple of sandwich or tortilla wraps, throw in your fillings (the secret is to not put too much inside otherwise it will all fall apart), pop it all under a hot grill (200-225c) for a few minutes until it starts to brown, flip to brown the other side, then serve. And eat.

Good things to put inside (any combination): grated cheese (we put cheese in most of ours – it acts like glue and sticks it all together), tuna, cooked chicken, ham pieces, hummus (useful if dairy-free as also works as a kind of glue), pesto, soft cheese, tomato purée, grated fruit & veg (carrot, courgette, apple, pear, etc), mashed sweet potato, sweetcorn , bolognaise (excess liquid squeezed out)….the list is endless.



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