Green Eggs

A bit distracted this week, so sorry for the late, short post, but it is Boy O’s 2nd birthday today! Happy Birthday Prince O.

This means unfortunately there’s nothing particularly new here. Dr Seuss had this one covered years ago. However, it’s an old faithful for us and ticks all of the boxes:

Quick ✔️

Easy ✔️

Cheap ✔️

Nutritious ✔️

Tasty ✔️

Here goes: Defrost a cube of frozen chopped spinach. Crack open two eggs and whisk into the spinach with a splash of milk and a desert spoon of soft cheese (mild goats, if the little people don’t object!)

Scramble as you usually would.

Or fry into an omelette.

Or fill a muffin tin with shortcrust pastry, pop the mixture inside (including any extras you wish – chopped ham, cold cooked sausage / chicken / etc) and place in a pre-heated oven as per the cooking instructions for the pastry for quick mini quiches.

See you next week 😉


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