Anything Goes Risotto

Yesterday we had risotto for supper.
Chicken, squash and leek risotto.
Boy A loves squash. Boy O loves chicken. They both ‘quite like’ risotto and manage to eat most of it which makes me happy, so it’s a winner for everyone.

I know a lot of people find risotto a faff to make, but honestly, for an every-day supper it needn’t be. Chop everything small so it all cooks at the same time and it’s actually pretty simple.

As always, I just throw whatever I have to hand in, which this time happened to be:
One chicken breast which I chopped into toddler-bite-sized pieces, some very small cubes of coquina squash (any squash / pumpkin etc will do), half a leek which I thinly sliced and a few snips of chives from the garden
You’ll also need risotto rice (half fill a big mug and that should suffice) and some low-salt chicken or veg stock (I use a cube of Kallo very low salt chicken stock) dissolved in a mug of water plus an extra half a mug of water to top it up.
Pop a splash of the stock into a pan and throw in the chicken, leek, squash and chives. Stir thoroughly until the chicken is cooked on the outside (it will be white rather than brown due to being kind of poached) then throw in the rice, toss it around the pan to coat it, and put the rest of the stock and water in.
Bring it to a very gentle simmer and go off and do whatever you need to do for the next 20 minutes, checking back every now and then to give it a gentle stir. If it’s looking dry stir in some extra water. If towards the end it’s looking a little too moist turn up the heat to a fast simmer and stir continuously.

It’s ready when the rice and squash are cooked through (which should be at the same time).

My boys like this served with some of the squash lumps gently squished with a fork and a massive handful of cheddar on top. Or sometimes a small spoon of cream cheese stirred in. Sometimes even both.

And if we’re eating as a family I further season ours on the plate and sprinkle some chopped red chilli on top – happy Daddy 😜


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