Ryvita Pudding

Pudding in our house is yogurt. Or fruit. Yogurt and fruit. Fruit and yogurt. Occasionally as a treat it will be homemade fruit and yogurt lollies. For special occasions we have ice cream. And fruit. I have been known to serve custard. With, of course, fruit. You get the idea.

So it’s rare that I offer something else. Unless I want to Fill Them Up. Today we had cheese, crackers and carrot sticks for lunch (I warned you yesterday I have nothing in the cupboards). Boy A ate the crackers, left the cheese (apparently it wasn’t the brand of cheddar he likes), and refused the carrots “because I only like them roasted“. Boy O ate the cheese, left the crackers and will not even look at carrots, so refused to have them on his plate and instead promptly moved them to the floor. At least I served up a fairly balanced meal, fulfilled my part – I can’t force them to eat it.

So for pudding I made a ‘pudding that isn’t really pudding’ (yes, I can still get away with this). I whipped out a pack of Ryvita fruit crunch crackers and generously spread some of our favourite 100% natural peanut butter on top, then piled on some sliced strawberries and guess what?

Gobbled up.image


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