Not Prepared For Lunch, Lunch

A short one for you today because it’s been a busy week. In fact, this sums up the height of my lunchtime ‘cooking’ this week. It’s not really cooking. Or particularly impressive. But it does keep the boys happy. And more importantly, quiet.

Lets call this one ‘Not Prepared For Lunch’, Lunch.

You’ll need:
To be in a hurry (ideally you’ll be rushing in the front door with the children whining about how starving they are)
A loaf of bread
A few cookie cutters, any size or shape (more is better as provides less opportunity for arguments)
A selection of ready to go fillings – today we have grated cheese, hummus and sliced chicken
Children’s knives, 1 each

Plonk everything in the middle of the table. Give the children each a breadboard, knife and slice of bread. Let them spread and fill with whatever they wish then pop another slice of bread on top.
Choose a couple of cutters each and help them cut their sandwiches out. Boy A needs help with this because he is so gentle and doesn’t quite cut all the way through. Boy O is far too stubborn independent for help.
We get there in the end.
And I end up eating all of the ‘middles’ so there is no waste 😜



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