Sneaky Cheeky Chickpea Pasta

Recently it would appear that Boy A has been working on slowly eradicating meat and lumps from his diet.
It could just be laziness, however he’s always had an issue with textures so I’m not so sure.
He is already aware of where meat comes from and I think once he really starts to think about this for himself I can see there being no way back for him. Weirdly however, he’s fine with fish and in fact is thrilled by the idea of fishing and eating the ‘catch of the day’.

At the moment I’m finding this challenging because Boy O is an out-and-out vegetable and fish hating carnivore.

Needless to say meal planning is fun – they have a varied diet on paper and their combined diet is amazing. Singularly though, pretty poor.
So we take it in turns to choose dinners so everyone gets their favourite at least one day each week and it’s a case of “eat it or go hungry”. Hopefully this will encourage them to try foods they don’t love.
Boy A however will often eat through gritted teeth just enough to take the hunger pangs away. And Boy O is very happy to simply go hungry.

So this is my latest attempt at pleasing everyone.

Sneaky, Cheeky, Chickpea Pasta. To make it you’ll need:

Some big pasta tubes such as Rigatoni (I cut them in half whilst cooking so they are more easily consumed)
A handful of very small broccoli florets (with as much stalk removed as is humanly possible)
A handful of grated courgette
A handful of chickpeas
1 tbsp of pesto
Grated cheese to serve

Bring a large pan of water to boil. Throw in the pasta, courgette, broccoli and chickpeas. Cook for as long as the pasta needs. Drain. Stir in the pesto and serve. My boys like to throw sprinkle lots of cheese on top.

Both boys gobbled it up. Boy O had seconds and thirds, even eating the chickpeas when they were hidden inside the pasta tubes (hurrah for big pasta), but then again he chose the ‘or go hungry’ option at lunchtime so was starving. Boy A didn’t much like the broccoli, even though broccoli is one of the (very) few vegetables he does like, but tolerated it when I mashed it in.

No hungry tummies. One happy Mummy. Two empty plates and lots of mess.

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