Hello again.

A new year, a new start.

2015 was crazy. When I started this blog I hoped it would slowly get my creative juices flowing again and give me an outlet aside from my boys (as truly amazing as they are, it was very much time for me to have something for myself again). At the same time I thought I’d soft launch my idea for a healthy children’s party food company – Petite Parties. So for the past six months I’ve been busy working on lots of things. And my boys. Boy A turned four and is growing in confidence and personality by the day. Boy O is always full of germs (these past few months he’s had pneumonia, tonsillitis, amongst other things and has a permanent cold) plus last week started at pre-school with his big brother, so lots of changes.

My target for the first year for Petite Parties was one party per month, so 12 in the first year. I’ve already met that. I had two on my launch weekend in October then a few others before catering for the Little Gym Xmas party in December…for 120 people. And 2016 has started with a bang with an amazing superhero party, two more very different parties to follow as well this month plus bookings coming in for the first half of the year. It’s madness. And it’s all happening so quickly. I am so grateful to all the people supporting my venture – I’ve had such lovely comments and feedback and so much interest. Thank you.

So this little update was to say I’m back! And my plan is to stay back and keep updating this page with delicious healthy child-friendly recipes for you to enjoy, and also update you on how things are progressing with Petite Parties.

My jobs for January and February are to re-build a new webpage – the current one http://www.petiteparties.co.uk is pretty basic and doesn’t show enough of the amazing parties you’ve all been having, plus continue to develop phase 3 – Petite Cookery, launch due in September. Hopefully.

Here’s to 2016. I wish you all a fantastic year ahead. Make the most of every moment.



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