Lamb Balls.

Ok, so I’m kicking 2016 0ff to a start with a super-duper easy one. One all the family can enjoy.

Lamb Balls (with Squash Couscous)

This is a ‘bottom of the fridge’ recipe. Basically I had not much in, nothing planned and needed to think on my feet quickly. I was sceptical whether they’d be a success because both boys dislike avocado and Boy A isn’t a fan of red meat and so I was fully expecting Boy A to just eat the couscous and wraps and Boy O the meat and wraps as he is a cave-man carnivore. Both boys however, as well as Daddy ate everything. All of it. I think I’ll make them again. So for this you will need:

200g good quality lamb mince
1 very ripe avocado, mashed
1 tablespoon of milled seed mix (or sesame seeds, pine nuts for more ‘bite’ – whatever you have to hand)
2-3 tablespoons of ground almonds
a glug of rapeseed oil

First-up, get your hands dirty by hand-mixing the lamb, avocado and seeds together and form into little balls (I made 14 but it depends what size you like them).
Next, gently roll them in the almonds to coat them.

Heat the oil in a griddle pan until very hot and gently pop the meatballs in one by one and roll them around so they are coated in oil. Cook them for around 10 mins over a medium heat, gently shaking the pan from time to time to fully brown them all over without breaking them up. Ensure they are fully cooked inside before serving them with a big bowl of hot butternut squash couscous*, some wraps, cucumber sticks and creme fraiche and get messy!

*Squash couscous recipe to follow shortly


NB/ I didn’t think to take a photo of this one as was expecting an epic fail, so here’s one of the boys until I make them again.


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