Feeding two boys each with different tastes can be challenging and so I’m always looking for ways to please both, rather than serving a ‘supper-of-two-halves’.
Sometimes I cave in and we’ll have a something-for-everybody kind-of spread – especially weekend lunchtimes, as it really does make for a better afternoon if all three of my boys have a full stomach.
Recently however, I stumbled upon the perfect all-round supper and needless to say I am thrilled. Even better it’s healthy, full of amazing nutrients, super cheap, (did I mention healthy?), as well as quick and easy to throw together.
I challenge even the trickiest of eaters to find something to whinge about with this.

So, this post should be entitled “How to successfully feed the Vegetarian Who Doesn’t Eat Veg Except Roasted Carrots and Pasta Boy”

Here’s how…

Roast a couple of peppers drizzled in a little oil next time your oven is on. Set aside until needed.

When ready to go, take said peppers, remove seeds and stem then pop in a food processor. Throw in a tsp of garlic paste (yes, super lazy, I know but a brilliant fridge stand-by staple), a tin of chopped tomatoes and a handful of basil leaves. Whizz until obliterated.

Scrape the tomato sauce mixture into a saucepan and throw in a couple of handfuls of rinsed red lentils. Be generous as they disappear so you can sneakily load up on fibre, protein and important minerals like iron and zinc without fussy Little People being any the wiser. Cook for around 20 minutes until the lentils are soft and disappearing, adding a little water if necessary to loosen the sauce.

Meanwhile, cook some spaghetti as per the instructions on the packet, grate some cheese and when ready, serve.

Voila, tomato pasta with cheese. No hidden goodness here. None. At. All.
I Promise [wink, wink]



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