Back to basics. Part 1

This week mealtimes have been somewhat more challenging than usual.

Our ‘eat it or go hungry’ ethos has meant more hungry bedtimes than I would have liked. My ‘at least if there’s bread on the table’ school of thought has meant they have eaten a LOT of bread. And the reliable fall-back of ‘douse it in ketchup / stir in some pesto / sprinkle cheese’ has not helped at all, instead has resulted in lots of sucked ketchup fingers and forkfuls of pesto consumed. Gah! I give up.

Well, inside, perhaps. But I won’t let them win!

So, a new week, a new slate.

First stop, a quick trip to the supermarket with Boy O: “Pick whatever you would like for lunch”, I hear myself saying. Uh-ho. Given genuine free reign I’m certain he would have chosen pasta, with pesto and peanut butter. Today however, my luck was in and he asked for fish fingers. So we headed to the frozen aisle where I looked for our usual blue box of chunky more-fish-than-crumb fingers, when he piped up with “what about these ones Mummy? My never had the red ones before” and promptly grabbed a box of crumbed haddock fillets. Man-sized. Fine. In fact, great! Now what to go with it… “Wraps Mummy!” Again, great! Especially when he proceeded to pick up the wholemeal ones. But I then went and ruined his flow with my vegetable obsession by asking him what offending greenery he waned to accompany his wrap. Cue meltdown; he, in the only way a two-year old knows how, and me, flapping and rushing us through the checkout embarrassed by his public tantrum. During this we somehow compromised on a carton of ready-made carrot and squash soup (surely that counts as one of your five-a-day?)

So here is the resulting wrap Baked crumbed haddock fillet gently broken up and rolled in a wholemeal wrap. With a mug of carrot and squash soup on the side, to dip the wrap into.

And some ketchup for Boy A. Don’t forget the ketchup.



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